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A Guide on Information Technology Services

New information technology services range from; web hosting, tech-support companies, and internet support providers There are different types of human resources job that comprise information technology services and they are; computer analyst specialists, website developers, programmers, IT security, network engineers, software and hardware engineers and the technical support team.

Hacking into a computer’s network system and extracting unauthorized information without the user’s consent is what is known as cyberattack. To try and gain unauthorized entry into a computer system, a cyber-attack hacker can try either of the following procedures; denial of services(DOS), malware, phishing, session hijacking, structured query language, and cross-site scripting

For a phishing attack to take place, a dubious email attachment is sent to a computer system and upon opening it a malware is automatically installed into the computer altering the normal performance of the targeted computer. To allow for immediate click on a malicious link sent, an attacker creates a link that is likely to entice the user to click on it as it could create some sense of urgency, confusion or quick gratification which may be in form of a monetary promise.

There are different types of phishing attacks which include; whaling, spear attacks, clone phishing, and pharming. Attacks aimed at fetching a company’s data, company’s intellectual property and personal credential are some of the reasons why whaling attacks focus on high profile targets. In a cloning attack, an attacker sends a message which seems real as a previous sent one but in addition to malicious attachments which alter the message. By getting details such as a company’s email address and website, the company’s logo, an attacker is able to craft an email that looks real to the specific target who happens to be the high profile workers in a company and once clicked a malware is installed therefore altering the normal function of a computer.

A range of email protection procedures exist and are namely; spam filters, use of certified antivirus, strong passwords, and change of email passwords. A spam filter is a program that detects false emails and ensures that they do not find their way to a user’s inbox. Organizing emails in a decent manner also known as email filtering reduces the chances of a spam or computer virus having its way into the inbox. Inbound filtering and outbound filtering are some of the ways in which email filtering can be executed.

Inbound filtering is where messages from the internet are scanned by the filtering system. Before a message can be delivered to other users over the internet by a local user, outbound filtering is performed. Mail filters can also be used to check outgoing emails more so in a company to ensure that employees do not send inappropriate messages.

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